Funding for public agencies is hard to come by. The current economy is not much help as taxes are not being paid, some elected officials want to decrease taxes, etc. Grants can be a good option to help achieve projects that may not otherwise be funded. However, a major issue with grants is that people are not aware of the process and often follow myths versus facts. Thus, this presentation will focus on the art of the grant writing process and how to be successful. The presentation will further aim to dispel myths, explain the overall process, and will give helpful hints as to how to increase your chances of obtaining grant funding. 

This training can be presented in as short as thirty minutes and as long as eight hours depending on the agencies experience in grant writing and needs/wants.  The main objective for this training is to build a foundation or upon your foundation to help you become more efficient and successful in writing grants.  

If you are interested in getting this training program at your agency please contact David Hesselmeyer at 910-214-4086 or at