On Target Preparedness is to assist in the development and installment of a respiratory protection program that meet the regulations instated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  OSHA requires employers to establish and maintain an effective respiratory protection program when employees must wear respirators to protect against workplace hazards.  Different hazards require different respirators, and employees are responsible for wearing the appropriate respirator and complying with the respiratory protection program.  This standard further outlines requirements for program administration, worksite-specific procedures, respirator selection, employee training, fit testing, medical evaluation, and respirator use, cleaning, maintenance, and repair. 

As part of the develop an OSHA compliant respirartory protection program for an organization, OTP staff will work closely with organizational leadership to determine the hazards that workers can be exposed to at the worksite.  These include infectious diseases, fumes, mists, gases, smokes, or vapors, and other hazards that can cause illness.  From there, a respiratory protection plan is developed to meet specific organizational and address the hazards while meeting all of the OSHA requirements.  This process also includes the identification of the type of respirator required to protect staff from the identified hazards. 

After the development of the policy, OTP staff train staff members on the new policy and conduct the fit testing of respirators.  Since the training and is an annual requirement, OTP staff can also conduct the training and fit testing annually to meet agency organizational requirements.