Over his career in emergency service David Hesselmeyer has been a career and volunteer with different departments with different management styles.  One issue that he always saw was that most administrative personnel or chief officers were not as familiar with public administration.  Thus public budgeting, grant writing, and human resources were not as efficient as it could be.

As a result, David created Public Administration in Emergency Services.  This is a 4-8 hour training (depending on the agency requirement) that describes and details public administration and how it can be done more efiiciently in various emergency services.  Topics in this presentation includes:

  • Proper grant writing and management
  • Effective hiring practices
  • Power and authority sources
  • Public budgeting process

This presentation will definitely aid your agency in becoming more efficient in managing your department.  This program can be provided for EMS agencies and emergency management agencies as well.  

If you are interested in getting this training program at your agency please contact David Hesselmeyer at 910-214-4086 or at dhesselmeyer@ontargetprep.com.