What is OTP, and what services does it provide?

On Target Preparedness is a consulting agency that focuses primarily on emergency services and preparedness.  We provide all types of services needed for the private and public sector such as plan and policy writing, exercise design and execution, training, and hazard vulnerability assessments.  We provide subject matter expertise in all of these areas.  If you are unsure if we provide a service you are in need of, please contact us at 910-214-4086 or at info@ontargetprep.com

What is the service area for On Target Preparedness?

On Target Preparedness is based out of Lillington, North Carolina.  However, we provide services for all of North Carolina and the East Coast at this time.  We are constantly looking to expand so if you are interested in our services and are outside of our service area contact us for a free consultation.

Do you offer services for businesses outside of emergency management?

On Target Preparedness does offer additional general management services to business.  We can assist with Continuity of Operations planning, general management training, grant writing training, and a variety of other services.  If interested in these services, please contact us.

If we want to schedule OTP for an event, who would we contact?

If you are interested in working with On Target Preparedness, we would recommend contacting the President, David Hesselmeyer, at 910-214-4086 or dhesselmeyer@ontargetprep.com.  We recommend holding a free consultation via phone or in person, based on your needs and availability to discuss our services as related to your needs.

What kind of experience does the OTP staff have?

The staff of On Target Preparedness has a breadth of experience.  We have military retirees, firefighters, paramedics, emergency managers, public health workers and security that aid in providing services.  This allows us to provide a wide range of services and be subject matter experts on the topics.  For additional information on our experiences, please visit https://www.ontargetprep.com/about/staff

Do you offer internships?

On Target Preparedness does offer unpaid internships.  Normally we are limited to three internships per semester.  During the internship, we do our best to provide you with the best overview of emergency management and homeland security possible.  If you are interested in an internship, send an email to info@ontargetprep.com.  You will be contacted by one of our staff and an initial meeting will be scheduled to discuss the feasibility of an internship with you.

What kind of employment opportunities do you offer?

We in general hire for Emergency Management Planner I positions.  These positions provide for a wide variety of emergency preparedness work.  This is an entry level position with the company.  It does have the opportunity to lead to a promotion to an Emergency Management Planner II position.  Occasionally, due to need we will open an Emergency Management Planner II position.  Salary is dependent on qualifications but ranges from $28,000-$50,000.  To see what positions we have open at this time, please visit https://www.ontargetprep.com/about/employment

What type of exercises do you assist in or design?

On Target Preparedness has a wide variety of expertise and skills in planning, designing and executing exercises.  We have built tabletops for five management staff all the way to full scale exercises with three hundred plus participants.  Our exercises are designed to meet the objectives that we develop with you.  The objectives and your needs drive the type (discussion or operational) of exercise we design for you.

What kind of grants do you write?

On Target Preparedness writes grants mainly for emergency services agencies.  However, we do have the experience and abilities to write grants for any type of agency.  Grant writing is an art and we have worked to perfect it in the best manner possible.  We have succeeded in writing grants for various types of agencies to include fire departments, EMS agencies, health departments, and nonprofits.

What kind of training do you provide?

We offer training in a wide variety of areas.  We provide trainings such as:

  1. Incident Command Systems (including ICS 300 and ICS 400 courses)
  2. Grant Writing
  3. EMS topics
  4. Firefighter topics
  5. Shelter Operations
  6. Plan writing and revising

If you are interested in seeing if we can provide a training you need, then send an email to info@ontargetprep.com

Can you help with special event planning?

We can and have helped with special event planning.  One of the largest events we aided in was the 2014 United States Open Golf Tournaments in Moore County, North Carolina.  We can assist in any aspect of a special event.  This can include overall planning, hazard and risk preparation planning, etc.  We have a saying which is “You will pay the piper before or after.”  So, we encourage that people “pay” (i.e. plan) for events instead of waiting to let things take their course.  Let us help you plan your event.

What kind of Threat Assessments do you provide?

On Target Preparedness offers various threat assessments.  Our main option is called a Safety and Risk Assessment.  This is done through a site visit, discussion with staff, and other tasks.  This takes into account all types of threats and risks from the simple trip and fall hazards to major events such as active shooter and major fire events.  We do offer focused threat assessments as well.  These type assessments are done with a focal point in mind such as an active shooter.  We will review your facility and plans to determine your level of threat from a specific threat.

Do you write plans, if so what kind of plans do you write?

We have the expertise and ability to write a wide variety of plans.  Plans that we have written and have expertise in writing are:

  1. Emergency Operations Plans
  2. Health Department Response Plans
  3. Threat Specific Response Plans (e.g. Ebola Response Plan)
  4. Continuity of Operations Plans
  5. Many others.

We work to ensure that all plans we write are in compliance with Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 101 that is put out by FEMA.