The staff at On Target Preparedness can conduct a wide range of hazard assessments to best meet the needs of your agency or jurisdiction.

Threat and Hazard Identification Assessment (THIRA)
By following FEMA's best practices, the Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) is a four-step, common risk assessment process that helps the whole community, including individuals, businesses, faith-based organizations, nonprofit groups, schools and academia, and all levels of government, to understand its risks and estimate capability requirements.
Through the THIRA process, communities map their risks to the core capabilities, enabling them to make informed decisions about desired outcomes, capability targets, and resources required to achieve their capability targets. The results of this drive emergency planning, mutual aid agreements, and hazard mitigation planning.
Ultimately, the THIRA process helps communities answer the following questions:
What do we need to prepare for?
What shareable resources are required in order to be prepared?
What actions could be employed to avoid, divert, lessen, or eliminate a threat or hazard?
Threat Assessment
Workplace violence and active assailant are real threats in today's world.  To mitigate risks to the organizations and its staff, proactive steps must be taken. 
Starting with a thorough analysis of the facility, its policies and procedures and unique situations, OTP staff begin hardening your facility against these threats.  Upon completion of the facility assessment, we will provide recommendations on changes in policies, structural improvements and other actions to improve safety.  We also can conduct staff training or tabletop or full-scale exercises depending on the needs of your organization.  OTP staff has successfully completed this process for many agencies and organizations including schools, government agencies and healthcare facilities.